February 18, 2012
UzA, Iroda Umarova, Nodira Manzurova, Madina Umarova, Sayyora Shoyeva, 17 February 2012, 20:22 Participants of the international conference “Fostering a Well Educated and Intellectually Advanced Generation – Critical Prerequisite for Sustainable Development and Modernization of Country” shared their impressions with UzA reporters. Professor Yoshiko Kawabata, Chancellor of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (Japan): “We have been acquainted with the activities of specialized school no.50 in Tashkent. Exact sciences like mathematics, chemistry and physics are taught thoroughly with all corresponding amenities and comfort created for teaching and learning. Here, highly qualified teachers introduce the youth, the future of this country, to the scientific achievements and discoveries. “Noteworthy is that Uzbekistan pays great attention to educating the growing generation in the spirit of patriotism, love for their native land, devotion to the ideas of independence, nurturing of young people in the inherent qualities of your people, comprehensive support for the younger generation, uplifting its socio-political activity, protection of human dignity and interests.” Oftob Kazi, Professor at Central Asia and Caucasus Institute, Johns Hopkins University (USA): “In Uzbekistan, all spheres are developing dynamically; outstanding achievements have been made especially in the socio-cultural, economic, scientific and educational spheres. All these, of course, epitomize the development of education system. It should be noted that government policy in Uzbekistan in this area is built on universal values, historical experience, national ages-old spiritual, cultural and scientific traditions of your people, as well as prospects for the development of society. “Successive reforms embarked on under the leadership of President Islam Karimov in education sphere have been contributing to fostering highly skilled, competitive personnel for all industries, to raising the quality and content of education to a higher level. I have explored all this during my visit to a number of educational institutions in this country, where I familiarized myself with practical effects of the emphasis being placed in Uzbekistan on the advancement of higher education. “I would like to stress that centers of vocational guidance, job fairs, active cooperation between relevant agencies, organizations and companies for employment of graduates organized in Uzbekistan could serve as a model for other nations. Kamaruddin Hussin, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Malaysia, Perlis (Malaysia): “Uzbekistan has for ages been known as the birthplace of great thinkers who have made enormous input into the world science and culture. Organization of such a major international conference in your country and the speech delivered by President Islam Karimov at the forum are a clear manifestation of the high emphasis being placed on education. “Youth are the decisive force for the future. Boys and girls of Uzbekistan are well educated and talented. Their interests are diverse, they are able to express and stand by their own point of view, independently assess any event. Crucially, they have the sense of responsibility for the fate of their people and the future of their Motherland. I learned it in the course of communication with pupils and students in Tashkent.” Professor Said Irandust, President of the Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand): “It is my first stay in Uzbekistan. Not enough words to tell you about my impressions of the education institutions working in your country. I especially liked the specialized school no.50 in Tashkent. In that school, teaching is in line with international standards, with all the conveniences for quality education created. The robust material and technical capacities of education institutions, proficiency and skills of teachers, children’s longing for knowledge deserve high recognition. “I would like to emphasize Uzbekistan’s focus on boosting the spiritual wealth of the younger generation. It was highlighted at the conference, too. We have admired your youth, their superb intelligence, culture, communication and other fine qualities.” Abdulmannon Mullamamur Bar, university professor, King Abdulaziz Al Saud in Jeddah, and Um al-Kura in Mecca (Saudi Arabia): “Uzbekistan is one of the leading countries in Central Asia. This sacred land raised such great thinkers as Imam Bukhari, Imam Termizi, Abu Ali Ibn Sina, Abu Rayhon Beruni, Mirzo Ulugbek. Thanks to the efforts of the head of your state directed at multiplying and perpetuating the rich heritage of great ancestors for posterity, Uzbekistan has been developing and elevating its standing in the world. “Education begins in the family. Before you cross the threshold of the school, the child is brought up in a family. At the heart of Uzbekistan announcing the year 2012 as the one of family lies a noble goal – nurturing of comprehensively advanced generation. “It should be noted that the work of teachers is highly valued in Uzbekistan. It is supported by the fact that October 1 is declared as a national holiday in this country, Teachers and Mentors Day.” Peter Murray, Professor of Business School, Hull University (UK): “Westminster International University in Tashkent, itself a fruit of cooperation between Uzbekistan and the United Kingdom, is one of the most promising joint projects in education. More than 600 youngsters study in that institution that trains specialists in business administration, economics and finance, international commercial law and information systems in business, international business and management. I’d like also to underline the keen interest of the youth here in this country in learning languages. “Having visited a number of professional colleges and universities in Tashkent, I got delighted with the towering intelligence of youths who study at institutions that boast cutting-edge information and communication technologies, online labs, libraries and multimedia centers. Also remarkable is the high level of professionalism, experience and dedication of teachers in Uzbekistan.” (Source: UzA News Agency)


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